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    Using bidding strategies successfully

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    When it comes to ensuring the long-term performance of your campaigns, bidding strategies are of utmost importance. Through targeted testing and structured evaluations we were able to significantly reduce the CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) for Google Ads together with our customer JOIN.com. In this case study we explain how we proceeded and which lessons we learned.

    JOIN.com is a free recruiting software that makes it easy for small and medium-sized companies to recruit suitable employees. The recruitment process is made more efficient by a variety of features. With just one click, JOIN.com’s customers can advertise their jobs on over 100 platforms and manage the resulting applications. 

    Generating new customers with Google ads

    The cooperation with JOIN.com should generate a large number of new customers via the Google Ads channel. In order to start in a structured way, we first of all set up all campaigns again. This involved a constant exchange between JOIN.com and WEVENTURE to be able to exploit the full potential of wording and performance. For the created campaigns we used the bidding strategy “Optimize Conversions”. After a few initial optimizations, the KPIs developed well in the first two months with a positive CPA.

    After a few months, however, we observed a declining trend in the figures. The CPA continued to rise and a few of our booked keywords shot through the roof in the cost per click section.

    To find out where this development came from and how we could counteract it, we developed various testing strategies.


    For our analysis we used the Google Ads tool for campaign testing and first checked whether the negative results could be related to the focus on the Upper Funnel. For this purpose we focused on the Lower Funnel.


    When there was no improvement after three weeks, we looked for alternative test models. A change in the bidding strategy was the next logical step. With the different bidding strategies, campaign priorities can be set and controlled in a success-oriented manner. Our previous focus was on optimizing the number of conversions. For the test we decided on the bidding strategy “target CPA”. Here, a target CPA is specified and the system controls the bids in real time so that conversions to this target CPA are achieved – the number of conversions is not the most relevant part. This strategy had an extremely positive effect on the CPA and we were able to reduce it by a total of 33%. We also achieved a 19% lower CPC.

    Conclusion: Testing and validating results is of utmost relevance for successful campaigns. When defining a bidding strategy, it is helpful to filter out the optimal model for one’s own purposes through test phases. The time spent on this will pay off at a later stage with significant cost savings and performance optimization. By testing different strategies we were able to find the right model for our customer JOIN.com and significantly reduce its CPC and CPA.

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    + 1 % Click-through-rate
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    – 1 % Cost per acquisition

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