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    Our mission is to get you the online ranking your website deserves. Through our 360 degree SEO perspective, we help you build organic traffic naturally and for the long term.

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    <h3>Full SEO analysis of your website</h3>

    Full SEO analysis of your website

    Our SEO experts have more than 10 years of experience in their field and perform a basic professional analysis of your existing website.

    <h3><a href="https://weventure.de/en/digital-marketing/search-engine-optimization/keyword-analysis">Target group specific keyword research</a></h3>

    Target group specific keyword research

    We analyze which keywords your target group uses and build our content on them.

    <h3><a href="https://weventure.de/en/digital-marketing/search-engine-optimization/technical-seo">Technical SEO optimization</a></h3>

    Technical SEO optimization

    In order for the search engine bot to reach and read your page without any problems, we ensure a technically clean pages.

    <h3>Defining and achieving goals together</h3>

    Defining and achieving goals together

    Adapted to your client’s needs, we oversee the improvement of organic rankings, traffic increase, organic link building, as well as the creation of search engine optimized texts.

    <h3>Celebrating success together</h3>

    Celebrating success together

    We attach great importance to celebrate small as well as big successes together with our clients. It is important to us to know our clients and that is why we ensure a common exchange with our annual Summerjam.

    <h3>SEO: Up to date</h3>

    SEO: Up to date

    We always make sure to incorporate all the news and updates of the SEO world into our work. With our SEO agency in Berlin we are not only located directly at the Spree, but also at the ravages of time!

    What is the process for you
    SEO support?


    1.) Website analysis

    At the beginning of a service, our SEO specialists take a detailed look at the website. We offer a Basic Analysis or a Premium Analysis. In the Basic Analysis, general aspects are analyzed and evaluated from an SEO perspective. The Premium variant contains a complete SEO Audit containing all SEO factors.

    2.) Defining goals together

    In the next step, common and measurable goals are defined. Depending on individual ideas and budget, traffic increase, ranking improvement, website expansion or dominance for specified search results can be coordinated.

    3.) SEO strategy

    In order to successfully start the implementation, our SEO Specialist develop a coordinated strategy for the defined goal. Prioritizations and the way of working are taken into account.

    Improving Rankings

    4.) Implementation

    In the further course, the implementation of technical aspects, the creation of content optimized for coordinated keywords, as well as concept developments to optimize the site in the best possible way. Always aligned with the goal, we offer natural link building strategies, indexing management and much more.

    5.) Jour fixes and quarterlys

    Regular exchange with our customers is essential for successful cooperation. That’s why WEVENTURE holds two weekly jour fixes with the customer to discuss further procedures, clarify questions and present successes. The focus is on a transparent working method and the outlook of the upcoming To Dos. Every quarter, we take additional time for our clients in our quarterly reports to present the balance of the last months of cooperation. These take place in our agency or online, as desired.

    6.) Monitoring

    To guarantee a good ranking in the long term, we work with constant monitoring. This includes regular checks and success controls in a wide variety of tools.

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    Your future SEO experts

    With more than 10 years of experience in the SEO world, our SEO managers are equipped to handle a wide variety of search engine optimization requests and support. Our SEO team has distinctive specializations. Be it technical SEO, content optimization, tracking experience and much more. Due to our broad positioning we can offer an individual and well-founded SEO support.

    Bettina Wille
    Bettina Wille Director Operations

    Bettina is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! About the keynote speaker

    Corinna Vorreiter
    Corinna Vorreiter Head of Organic

    Corinna is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! About the keynote speaker

    Katja Röllig
    Katja Röllig Digital Marketing Manager

    Mathias Bodien
    Mathias Bodien Director Operations

    Frequently asked questions

    Holistic support
    For a successful online presence, we offer comprehensive 360 digital marketing support around the marketing mix. This includes SEO, professional SEA, Content Marketing and social media advertising, tailored to the defined target projects.

    Topicality in the search engine world
    Ranking factors and Google algorithms are fast moving, but we always keep an eye on them! To have a current view on it, our SEO team deals with current SEO news every week. Thereby, changes and adjustments of Google are always analyzed and applied to customer projects.

    SEO is a long-term work. Success comes only with continuous care. Google keeps more than 200 ranking factors. Of these, many are officially announced, but there are also enough that have never been shared by Google and are based on assumptions and tests from the scene.

    Our Berlin SEO-Expert:in support to rank successfully organically in the long term. This is always done taking into account the current best practices to send positive indicators for Google with the website.

    Unlike other SEO agencies, we do not work with minimum terms of 12 or even 24 months. We focus on flexibility in cooperation and therefore offer a minimum term of 3-6 months. Often we experience more productive cooperation, which leads to problem-free extensions.

    Yes, there is an individual SEO report for all our customers. In our WEVENTURE Reporting Center our clients have 24/7 overview of all important KPIs of their website. From budget, metrics in Google Ads, Analytics and much more, we provide transparency.

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    Our concern is quality creation and coordinated work with our customers. In doing so, work steps are constantly adapted to current needs and capacities in order to create digital growth together. Our office on Warschauer Straße in Berlin is the perfect place to drive projects forward together and toast in front of the Berlin skyline after successful completion!

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