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      Creating added value through relevant content

      Content is king – but we put the crown on it with our target group-specific content. Our silver bullet: data-driven content marketing that meets your business goals. We are the content marketing agency for more visibility on Google or leads for your newsletter.

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      Our Specializations

      Content-Audit & -Consulting

      We subject your content to a quality analysis from a strategic content marketing perspective. Are your texts logically structured? Can they do UX as well as SEO – in other words, are they fun to read? We turn monotonous text deserts into lively content oases – with shade-giving subheadings, images and infographics, and a writing style that finally turns readers into leads.


      For us, content is never an end in itself. Our content strategy therefore keeps your corporate goals and target groups firmly in mind. Together, we develop a guiding idea that serves as a start for all further creation decisions. Our content strategy helps you choose the right tone and format, sharpen your brand and create a common thread for holistic, cross-channel corporate communications.

      Editorial plan creation

      Once the content strategy that’s so important to your business is in place, it’s time to forge a concrete editorial plan from loose topic ideas. Whether it’s evergreen content, news, or quizzes, our blog posts will not only entertain and activate your readers, but also pay off on SEO goals. That’s why every blog article is preceded by keyword research – with an analysis of your Google performance as a follow-up. True to the motto: No tracking, no competition. PS: Of course, we also create an editorial plan for your newsletter.


      You’ve got mail (hopefully) – dropped in your customers’ virtual mailboxes. Because email marketing is effective and inexpensive if you do it right. For this, we offer best-practice workshops or analyze your previous newsletter stretches. Spoiler: A cheeky emoji doesn’t make a good subject line. But we’d much rather sit down at the typewriter ourselves and write newsletters for you that arouse (click) anticipation and turn readers into customers.


      If you don’t torture your texts, you torture your readers. But don’t worry, with a few simple rules, writing will never be torture again. In our content workshops, we explain how to find good content and build it in such a way that it would hurt to put it down again. Of course, buzzwords like storytelling come up, but above all we want to tell you about the wonderful content theory of rat islands. And if you’re brave enough, you can dive into the deep ocean of comma rules with our linguist.


      The strategy has been worked out, the editorial plan is in place – now we can let our creativity flow. We then turn our outpourings into UX-appropriate website content, conversion-boosting landing pages, SEO-optimized blog posts, and awareness-boosting copy for social media. In the process, we create content that sometimes sounds edgy or factual, sometimes technical or inspiring. And above all, always one thing: 100% appropriate for the target group. For particularly challenging topics, we work with freelance copywriters who are absolute experts in their field. Even the best sense of copywriting is no substitute for a degree in mechanical engineering.

      Entrepreneurial, structured and data-driven

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      Goals define smart strategies

      We translate your business goals into smart digital strategies. As part of our collaboration, we will challenge the status quo of your online sales channels every single day.

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      Structures build digital foundations

      We make sure that your future strategies will be based on solid foundations. For us, measurability and scalable structures provide the bases for successful projects.

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      Data optimizes our experience

      We combine excellent measurability of data with our 15 years’ worth of experience. When optimizing your campaigns, key performance indicators (KPIs) will shape our creative decision-making processes.

      How ideas turn into strong content

      Formulate content goals

      We translate your business objectives into content goals and brand features and help sharpen your brand. In doing so, we keep your target groups just as firmly in mind as your market environment. We also develop a central idea that serves as a springboard for all further creation decisions. So that your bounce rates stay on the ground.

      Develop a content strategy

      From the jointly formulated goals and the central idea, we develop a content strategy that gives your entire communication strategy a common thread. Formulating personas as well as types, topics and tonalities play an important role here. We know: Good content is always a successful interplay of words, images, buttons and user-friendly operation.

      Launch content creation

      Once the content strategy has been developed, we turn loose topic ideas into a concrete editorial plan – naturally only after thorough keyword research. To crown it all, we now translate your content goals into the perfect interplay of creative and search engine-optimized content. So that content really is king.

      We are one of the best Google Ads agencies in DACH. All our employees are certified and receive regular training. As a customer, you benefit from special industry insights and services from our Google direct team.

      Certified as a Facebook Blueprint Partner, we are constantly in close communication with our Facebook direct team. All our employees are regularly trained in the latest products. You benefit from our direct line to Facebook.

      As a member of the German Digital Industry Association, we are a committed partner. We always actively and critically discuss current industry developments. Through important committees, we always stay up to date with the latest developments.

      As a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, we are one of the top Bing Ads agencies. All our employees are trained and certified. If you have any queries, our Bing agency team is always on hand to help.

      We are content experts with passion

      Successful content marketing needs a partner at eye level who loves creativity as much as the needs of a search engine. For whom content is only successful if it is not only easy to read, but also actively supports your corporate goals. This partner has a name. YOU GUESS? WEVENTURE!

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      Markus Hofmann Teamlead Content

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      Lina Potreck Content Writerin

      Nora Berger
      Nora Berger Content Writer

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