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We are 50 colleagues,
7 nationalities, 10 languages

We are convinced that a meaningful and successful cooperation requires more than just the right KPIs. Challenging the status quo of our projects every single day is what pushes us forward. In order to achieve our goals, we will communicate clearly, transparently and with empathy. Our hands-on mentality will reflect our high business standards and ambitions at any time.

Enrico Bernardo
Enrico Bernardo CEO

Enrico is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! learn more

Julia Haase
Julia Haase Head of Paid Advertising

Julia is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! learn more

Bettina Wille
Bettina Wille Head of Organic Advertising

Bettina is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! learn more

René Tuchscherer
René Tuchscherer CEO

Justyna Kaczorek
Justyna Kaczorek Digital Marketing Manager

Moritz Winkler
Moritz Winkler Director New Business

Moritz is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! learn more

Tina Kassens
Tina Kassens Digital Marketing Manager

Corinna Vorreiter
Corinna Vorreiter Digital Marketing Manager

Corinna is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! learn more

Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos Projektleiter WECADEMY

Deniz Tomm
Deniz Tomm Executive Assistant & Finance Manager

Gabi Bredow
Gabi Bredow Finance Manager

Dr. Alexander Werbik
Dr. Alexander Werbik Project & Partnership Manager

Alina Langhammer
Alina Langhammer HR Manager

Valentin Degen
Valentin Degen Managing Director Internationalshowtimes.com

Jessica Ries
Jessica Ries Digital Marketing Manager

Sophie Friedrich
Sophie Friedrich Product Manager eBalance.ch

Alex Kamychanski
Alex Kamychanski Digital Art Director

Karin Culme-Seymour
Karin Culme-Seymour Customer Support Manager

Oliver Knoblich
Oliver Knoblich Head of Digital Solutions

Nathaly Rüther
Nathaly Rüther Working Student Digital Marketing

Alexander Hofmeister
Alexander Hofmeister Back-end Developer

Nora Plato
Nora Plato Working Student SEO

Ornela Sahatciu
Ornela Sahatciu Working Student Data Management

Anish Deogaonkar
Anish Deogaonkar Growth Manager

Jorinde Olling
Jorinde Olling Digital Marketing Manager

Sarah Thomaseth
Sarah Thomaseth Digital Marketing Manager

Ron Buße-Spanuth
Ron Buße-Spanuth Office Manager

Diana Ostrowski
Diana Ostrowski Digital Marketing Manager

Ngoc Vo
Ngoc Vo Digital Marketing Manager

Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann Teamlead Content

Viktoria Adamus
Viktoria Adamus Digital Marketing Manager

Ann-Sophie Friedrich
Ann-Sophie Friedrich Digital Marketing Manager

Frank Duszynski
Frank Duszynski Director Operations

Raphael Boller
Raphael Boller Digital Marketing Manager

Brandon Pfluger
Brandon Pfluger Executive Assistant

Carolin Berscheid
Carolin Berscheid Working Student Content Marketing

Fynn Mentrup
Fynn Mentrup Digital Marketing Manager

Jonas Schreiber
Jonas Schreiber Web Analyst & Adtech Developer

Carina Vatter
Carina Vatter Digital Marketing Manager

Leana Schwirten
Leana Schwirten Project Manager / Digital Advisory

Christina Scholz
Christina Scholz Head of Paid Advertising

Marén Haas
Marén Haas Project Manager eBalance

Melissa Steiner
Melissa Steiner Digital Marketing Manager

Sorina Fritz
Sorina Fritz Teamassistent Finance

Katja Röllig
Katja Röllig Digital Marketing Manager

Marc Stewien
Marc Stewien Office Manager

Robin Werner
Robin Werner Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Sini Lenger
Sini Lenger Graphic Designer

Viktoria Klaus
Viktoria Klaus Trainee Media Designer

Janette Zionkoe
Janette Zionkoe Trainee Marketing Communications Manager

 Lina Potreck
Lina Potreck Content Writerin

Marc Dornsbach
Marc Dornsbach Content Writer

Louisa Keller
Louisa Keller Projektmanagerin Digital Transformation

Rebecca Wohlers
Rebecca Wohlers Auszubildende Kauffrau für Marketingkommunikation

Lena Schmidt
Lena Schmidt Digital Marketing Manager

Bella Office Dog

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