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    Maison Hēroïne

    Facebook & Instagram ads: more conversions with video stories

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    How to create Facebook and Instagram stories that actually convert? We were able to answer this question during our collaboration with the Berlin bag label Maison Hēroïne. As part of a joint campaign, we tested video ads against static image formats and found that video ads – when done right – converted significantly better. Together with our performance marketing team, Maison Hēroïne was able to successfully customize their own video content and thus use Facebook and Instagram Stories as a profitable placement.

    Maison Hēroïne stands for feminine design with functionality. The Berlin luxury label sells both through its own stores and online. All bags are designed by the Milan creative director Marta Vitali. With a demand for classic forms, noble materials and decoration, only where it is fun, but also makes sense. In addition, Maison Hēroïne is committed to sustainability and has been using only leftovers from leather production since 2020.

    Increase perfomance with video stories


    How must a video for Instagram Stories be designed to be compelling? In order to successfully test the effect of video ads compared to picture ads, it was first necessary to find out which factors make a product video successful. Based on Facebooks Video Best Practices we implemented the following points: 

    1. Create videos for stories in portrait format
    All videos were created in portrait format. Since stories are displayed on the smartphone in portrait format, videos should always be adapted to this format. In this way, the product can be displayed over the entire screen, important detail elements can be better highlighted.

    2. Put the product in focus
    The focus of the video should always be on the product. The product is the hero of the video.

    3. Keep videos short
    Videos should be reduced to the essential and kept as short as possible. The attention span for stories is short, so the core message must be conveyed in a few seconds.

    4. Place product and brand right at the beginning of the video
    Due to the low attention span, the brand and product should be visible right at the beginning of the video. The user should immediately understand who is communicating.

    5. The video must also work without sound
    Many Instagram users consume stories without sound. Accordingly, videos should also work without it. If necessary, subtitles can be used.

    By taking these factors into account, Maison Hēroïne was able to achieve significant success with story ads. For example, Facebook and Instagram video ads proved to be significantly more attention-grabbing: they generated 40 times as many clicks as static photos. In addition, the videos also achieved significantly more conversions: 84 purchases were generated via moving image stories, while image ads were only able to convert two purchases in the same period.


    Conclusion: Used correctly, great results can be achieved with Facebook and Instagram video ads. But there are important factors to consider: videos should always be created in portrait format, the respective product must be in focus and the brand should be placed right at the beginning. By following these rules, our performance marketing team was able to help Maison Hēroïne to use story ads as a successful placement.

    Maison Heroin Handtaschen
    x 1 More clicks on videos compared to static formats
    x 1 More conversions through video ads compared to image ads

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