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    Eine Immobilienmaklerin zeigt ihrem Kunden eine Immobilie zum Verkauf
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    When all of Germany becomes the customer

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    The cooperation with realbest demanded our entire service portfolio of SEA, SEO, but especially digital consulting and conversion rate optimization. The set goal was to prove the existence of qualified prospective buyers by means of paid search and display campaigns. An iterative and continuous conversion rate optimization as well as a granular control of search campaigns should become the basis of success for realbest: scalable customer growth. A steady growth of lead acquisition from real estate sellers was thus quickly in the focus of the campaigns.

    realbest.de ist Germany’s first online sales platform for residential real estate. The company digitizes the sales process and accompanies real estate transactions – from the property valuation for the private house or apartment seller to the online reservation by the buyer. Market professionals such as real estate agents, financing consultants and other intermediaries handle the acquisition and brokerage of residential real estate not only on site but also online and benefit from cooperation within the network. In this way realbest ensures a faster purchase process with a high degree of transparency, at the end of which the seller achieves the best price for his property. Together with realbest and our interdisciplinary teams, we developed the realbest lead funnel, which enables real estate owners to determine the value of their property in just 2 minutes and start marketing it directly.

    Digitalization of real estate sales


    The campaign setup was done with a focus on the search network by separating the subject areas in terms of residential units (house, single-family house, multi-family house, apartment, condominium, real estate) and by separating the keyword match types. The campaigns were set up in a maximally granular manner, so that only a maximum of 2-3 keywords were booked per ad group. Generic and niche keywords were researched, which were used both “short-tail” and “long-tail”. Targeting was achieved through the smart use of negative lists, which were researched with special care. This campaign setup, structured down to the smallest detail, allowed realbest.de to shine with a low cost-per-click (CPC) right from the start and is still a guarantee for campaign success with Google Ads today. In order to successively reduce the costs per customer acquisition and, above all, to increase the number and reach, optimization was carried out classically through continuous keyword and key figure analysis. Keyword match types, text ads and extensions as well as targeting per device were strictly adhered to in the account structure to guarantee maximum performance: Performance through structure.


    A steadily more professional tracking setup with Google Analytics proved to be indispensable in the cooperation with realbest.de: From the first campaign click to the sale of a property, almost every user click was measured. Phone tracking also played an important role here in interpreting the success of the campaigns. An important success factor in the interaction with Google Ads campaigns was the conversion optimization of the website and the lead funnel. Over several 3-month Conversion-Optimierung projects, a conversion increase of up to 18% was achieved through UX/UI adjustments. Thus, the conversion rate improvements, together with the reduction of the CPC, were significantly responsible for achieving the desired target values. In the course of the collaboration, the “cost per lead” target value was constantly adjusted downwards and was reduced by a total of 44% in the comparison period. Over the entire period of the collaboration, the campaign budget was increased by several 100 % to a 6-digit monthly budget (with unchanged customer acquisition costs): realbest and WEVENTURE were thus able to jointly prove the real estate sales concept profitably in online marketing.

    Conclusion: The interaction of various online levers and a structured approach were the right way to increase the awareness of realbest and at the same time enormously increase conversions at up to 44% lower click prices.

    + 300 % Traffic increase
    + 1 % New customer rate
    + 1 % Conversion rate

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