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    What is a Keyword Analysis?

    A keyword analysis is a special research that forms the basis of every content optimisation. It aims to identify exactly those search terms (keywords) on a specific topic that are preferred by the respective target group in search engines.

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    Relevance of
    Keyword Analysis

    Keyword analysis is an important part of all SEO measures. It helps site operators to recognize for which search terms (keywords) the site is already found and for which it has no rankings (yet). In this way, low hanging fruits can be identified and existing resources can be used wisely. Thanks to the analysis, it is possible to optimize existing content in a targeted manner and thus improve the existing rankings (positioning in the search results). In addition, search terms (keywords) can be identified for which the own page has no or poor rankings.

    How we support you with a
    keyword analysis

    Target audience and competition

    To begin with, we analyze the search terms of your target group.

    How does my target group speak and what does the competition say? For a successful keyword analysis, these factors must first be examined.

    • What tone of voice is used by my target group?
    • What kind of terms do potential customers enter to find my products or services?

    After the relevant keywords have been found, it is important to find out whether the corresponding page is found for them.

    • Where am I very good at?
    • Where is a competitor ahead?
    • What inspiration can I draw from the competition?

    SEO and content strategy

    Keyword analysis is the first step towards a successful website. However, the analysis must be followed by a well thought-out SEO strategy. For this we offer among other things:

    • Development of an SEO strategy
    • A keyword mapping based on the keyword analysis
    • Monitoring of rankings and their development

    For good rankings, content is needed on the page. Therefore, content creation is equally part of the success of the site. We offer:

    • Content strategy to improve existing rankings and place missing rankings on search results pages.
    • SEO optimized texts
    • Content workshop for your own successful text creation

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    Frequently asked questions

    Without a keyword analysis, it is completely unclear which search terms (keywords) your target group is using to search for your products/services. Furthermore, with the help of the analysis you can see whether and where the page appears for these search terms (keywords) in Google and other search engines.

    In a keyword analysis, various keyword tools are used to examine which websites have very good rankings on Google and other search engines for a specific topic. Then the search terms (keywords) of these websites are examined more closely and finally compared with the existing search terms (keywords).

    This always depends on the size of the website. A keyword analysis is often part of an SEO support and costs from 600€/month can be charged for an SEO support.

    In contrast to keyword analysis, keyword mapping is not about identifying relevant search terms. Rather, each search term is assigned to an individual page (URL) during mapping. To avoid cannibalisation effects, a keyword must not be assigned to several pages.

    3 Analysis tips from our expert Mathias Bodien

    mathias Bodien

    1. Know your target group!

    Knowing the target group and which search terms are used is indispensable for one’s own business success. Only in this way can targeted optimisation take place and resources be used sensibly.

    2. Keep an eye on your competitors!

    For which search terms do my competitors rank better than me? How do they design their pages and what content is published? You should know this and draw conclusions about the content of your own page.

    3. Create relevant content!

    The best keyword analysis is worth nothing if it is not used to create relevant content. Content that covers the most important search terms and offers the searcher exactly what was searched for.

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