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    Optimize product pages: that’s the way to do it!

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    WEVENTURE 30/09/20

    The optimization of product pages is often neglected. The product page is one of the most important bases of decision for potential buyers. An informative and clearly designed product page can significantly increase sales figures. In this article you will learn how to design your product pages so that they actually convert.

    Product pages should inform the user about what he or she buys, what the product is being purchased for and why this purchase is useful. Furthermore, it must be clearly identifiable how the purchase can be made and when the product will be delivered afterwards. In order to answer these questions adequately, it must first be analyzed what information customers normally research before making a purchase. Of course, this always depends on the product in question, but a few general rules can also be laid down that apply to all product presentations:

    Product images

    Representation of a clock on a product page
    Product presentation from different perspectives and environments on redbubble.com

    Product pictures give the user a first impression of what he can expect from the product and how the product looks like. It is helpful to provide images from all sides of the product. An additional 360° view of the product is ideal.

    A good exposure and resolution should always be available for all views. It is important to make sure that the resolutions are also adjusted for the mobile view in order to avoid increasing page loading times. Images that show how the product could look like in the future environment are also always an advantage. The latter is for example very well implemented on the Redbubble website. When it comes to clothing, videos in which the pieces are worn are especially useful. They show the users how fabrics move on the body and how different cuts look. Functional videos of products give the user a deeper insight into whether the handling of the product is suitable for the respective purpose.

    For ideal product pictures you should consider the following in summary:

    • Views: Show product from all sides
    • Conveying a feeling: Environment pictures / pictures with product “in action
    • Image quality: Good exposure is a must for product images. If the pictures look as if the neighbor had taken them in the basement, this does not inspire confidence.
    • Zoom: Many users would like to have the possibility to zoom into product images in order to see the available details. Here, too, good image quality should be ensured.
    • Resolution: Adjust image resolution on mobile and desktop to minimize page loading time.
    • Videos: Product videos with features and user experience are becoming increasingly popular. What is important for the customer in relation to the product? The answer should be captured in a video.

    Product information

    Product information of a sofa
    Product information of a sofaExtensive specification of product dimensions at Möbel Höffner

    Product information should give the customer an insight into the features and nature of the product. The more precisely the product information is described, the lower the number of returns. A reduction in the number of returns should always be strived for.

    Important product information includes:

    • Functions: What can be done with the product, which applications are possible? If a product has several functions or a modification is possible, how can this be done (e.g. sofa bed, 3-in-1 jacket)?
    • Dimensions: In the product information should always include the dimensions of the product. For furnishings, clothing, etc. this can be decisive in determining whether a product ultimately fits or whether it causes high return costs.
    • Color selection: If there is a color selection for the product, all color variants should also be available in preview mode (images should adjust according to the color selection).
    • Similar products: further down the page, suggestions for similar products should be shown if the product displayed does not meet the user’s requirements. Users with an intention to jump, this way they are kept even further in the product catalog.
    • Complementary products: Complementary products should also be presented. For example, vacuum cleaner bags for the vacuum cleaner or films for the analog camera.
      Amazon cleverly solves this problem via the view “Users who bought this product also buy: …”.
    • Consulting: For certain products and services it may be helpful to offer a chat or list the most frequently asked questions on the product page. In this way, many ambiguities can be cleared directly out of the way.
    • Customer Opinions/Ratings: Experiences of other users help the user to get a better picture of the product and provide information about the product quality. A good rating is a positive sign for interested parties. Negative feedback, in turn, reflects to the manufacturer what potential for optimization there is. The opportunity to leave feedback and ratings can be informative for all parties.
    • Watchlists/Favorits: Users should have the possibility to save products they like on watch lists. This makes them easier to find and compare several products.

    Page structure / page performance

    Performance of a website displayed as Giphy
    Good structure and performance are worth gold (giphy)

    The structure of product pages should always allow the customer to quickly enter the product and also to be able to order it. The CTA (Call to Action) should not be placed outside the First View. It must be directly visible to the customer. Performance aspects must also be considered when creating the pages. A slow or badly designed page can be the reason for missing conversions.

    The following points must be considered with regard to page layout and page performance:

    • Mobile first: What counts for Google is mobile performance. A fast and functional mobile site is a must-have.
    • Structure: Divide the page into clear blocks: pictures, short description, more detailed information.
    • CTA: Always place the purchase buttons in a present position. All other fixed CTAs (“add to shopping cart”, “more information” etc.) should be easily visible on the page.
    • Image identification: All images should be tagged with Alt tags. These should at best contain the product model as a keyword. This makes it easier for Google to list corresponding products in the image search.
    • Text content: For the text content, the manufacturer’s texts should not be transferred 1:1. Unless they are marked accordingly. Otherwise, it is recommended to use your own individual, value-added texts.
    • Trust signals: Are there badges like Trusted Shops etc.? Then these should be visible on the page. They create trust and show that the store has been checked and is secure.
    • Payment options: The range of different payment options is customer-friendly and gives more customers the opportunity to order in the store.
      • Ideally, shipping should be free; studies have shown that customers are more willing to pay more for a product than to pay shipping costs.
    • Specify delivery times/offer tracking: Customers are impatient. In Germany in particular, people are now used to packages being delivered the very next day. Tracking or an estimated arrival date creates confidence here once again. However, the expected arrival time of the parcel should not be too short. If the specified time is exceeded, many customers quickly pick up the phone to ask what has happened to the order.

    Conclusion: Product pages should pick up the user and provide him with the best possible information about the desired product. Even if it is tedious to enter information and keep it up to date, it is worth it. Stores that radiate confidence and provide good information have significantly lower return rates than their competitors.
    If we can help you with the design of your store or your product pages, please contact us!

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