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    An SEO relaunch is a complete overhaul and republishing of a website. To ensure that existing rankings are not lost, clean redirects from the old site must be used. An SEO relaunch often includes new structures, new designs and of course seo-optimized content.

    Why do an SEO relaunch at all?

    But when should website owners think about an SEO relaunch? Strategic reasons can be, for example, a change in the target group, poor user experience or the revision of the service portfolio.

    Often the existing infrastructure or the design of the website is so outdated that a relaunch is an easier solution. In addition, primarily SEO-related reasons, such as a lack of traffic or a low conversion rate, can be the deciding factor for an SEO relaunch. A successful website relaunch should always be accompanied by an SEO expert. After all, it is about the revision of the entire website and not just individual pages.

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    Measures for an SEO relaunch

    Site structure

    First of all, it is necessary to analyze: How is the “old” page structured? Should the structure be retained or can categories be merged? Are there perhaps even new categories? The hierarchy of a website should always be built understandably with upper and lower categories and separated by a slash /. The goal? Users, as well as the Googlebot, understand in which click depth they are currently located and in which subcategory they are currently moving.

    Content screening

    Which existing texts already rank well and urgently need to be found on the new page? Which texts are relevant according to the analysis, but are only linked in a hidden way?What content is potentially cannibalizing and can be profitably merged? We analyze the texts profitably or create new content for the brand.

    Target group analysis

    Who is the new website for? Right from the start, it is important to clarify the needs of the target group and thus of potential customers. In the best case, prototypes of the new website can already be tested with the target group to check how intuitive the new website is. WEVENTURE accompanies the development of screen designs, testing and the subsequent implementation.

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    Frequently asked questions

    An SEO relaunch is necessary when a website performs poorly in various search engine relevant areas. Improved usability and design often go hand in hand with better rankings and traffic.

    An SEO relaunch should always be well prepared. From the beginning it is important to communicate well with the different teams (design, development, SEO, content). A clean forwarding overview, as well as clearly defined goals of the new website are among the basics. Otherwise, in the worst case, there is even a risk of losing visibility.

    This complex task is performed by our professional and experienced experts. All SEO managers at WEVENTURE use a checklist of technical requirements for a website. Based on this list, we evaluate and check possible optimization potentials.

    3 SEO relaunch Tipps from our expert Bettina Wille

    Bettina Wille

    Always make sure that the redirects to the new website are inherited

    Keep your rankings.

    Redirects can be used specifically to transfer already existing rankings from an old domain to a new one. When moving to a new website, Google recommends the use of permanent redirects (301 redirects) in the htaccess file.

    Usability is the top priority

    Your users come first.

    Even with an SEO relaunch, it is important to think about the users of the website first. Especially with new UX/UI design, it is important to test how intuitive the new page is. Because even if the site is seo-technically optimized, it is not much use in the end if it is not user:inside friendly designed.

    Communication. Communication. Communication.

    A complete relaunch is a big project. That’s why it’s even more important that all teams regularly communicate ideas and problems. Through regular feedback loops, as well as topic-specific Slack channels for all participants, we avoid misunderstandings and create digital successes together! 

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