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    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO includes all tasks that make your website accessible and the information detectable for search engines.
    A technically clean site is the basis for all subsequent content-related SEO measures and a long-term healthy growth of the site.

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    Why is technical SEO indispensable?

    Die The site is loading….Please be patient. There is a reason why this window is rarely seen today. Fast loading times and a technically clean site are now among the cornerstones of many websites. Google is keeping a low profile with its list of ranking factors, but load times have been officially confirmed as a ranking factor. Search engines have also learned a lot in their understanding of websites in recent years. It is therefore all the more important that the pages are structured in such a way that they are just as comprehensible for the Google Bot and Co. as they are for users.

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    The big technical SEO checklist by WEVENTURE

    Control crawling and indexing

    To make your website quickly discoverable for search engines, you should pay attention to a coherent robots.txt file. This text file is the first thing the crawler visits. This is because it provides information about whether certain pages are blocked. This allows you to control the crawl behavior. However, it can also lead to pages not being indexed if used incorrectly.
    In addition, you can give the search engine a map with an XML sitemap. The XML sitemap tells the crawler in compressed form which pages and subpages exist and thus simplifies the finding of new pages.

    Site- and URL structure

    In order to find your way around a website, it should be structured logically and hierarchically. The homepage with subpages should also be reflected accordingly in the URL structure. A good URL alone can tell you what the page is about. The hierarchy is separated by a slash /. Here is an example:
    Level 1: https://weventure.de/en Our main page is the WEVENTURE page.
    Level 2: https://weventure.de/en/blog In our blog we regularly give insights on exciting online marketing topics.
    Level 3: We explain how to seo optimize your ReCAPTCHA form.
    Our final URL in this case is: https://weventure.de/en/blog/recaptcha-formular-seo-optimieren
    Pay attention to the encryption by the SSL certificate.

    Page speed und core web vitals

    Who doesn’t get annoyed when banners keep shifting around on a page and windows open without asking?
    The Core Web Vitals are key figures and calculate shifts and differences until the first interaction with the page.
    Page speed is one of the most important components in technical SEO. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely it is that users will leave the page and look elsewhere for an answer.
    For both a good user experience and a low bounce rate, websites should pay attention to good core web vitals and fast loading times.

    Meta tags

    Search engines can’t capture web pages the way the human eye can. Therefore, you should give them hints about what the page is about. In the head area of a page, so-called tags can be used to store information about the page. These are used to show search engines what the page is called and what topic is covered on the page. These tags should also always be keyword optimized.

    Images SEO

    If search engines don’t recognize web pages the way we do – what about images? Images are a bit tricky for Google and Co. but here, too, you can take some measures to make it easier for the crawlers to read the page.
    To capture an image, it is first important to write the name of the image meaningful and keyword-optimized. An image with “pexels829-2734” is extremely meaningless – even for humans. But a file name like “vegan protein powder” is understood by every crawler. To make it even easier for the crawler, the alt attribute can be used to give another hint about the topic of the image. This also makes the page more accessible for people with visual impairments, to whom the alt attribute is read aloud. Example: “A person is drinking a glass of vegan protein powder.”

    404 pages

    Often neglected – but an optimized 404 page is part of technical SEO. Getting to an error page can happen. But here, care should be taken not to lose the user. If you offer the user the possibility to continue surfing on the 404 page, you have won a lot. A creatively designed error page with a prominent link makes the bounce rate look old.

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