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    SEO Audit


    An SEO audit is an up-to-date analysis of an existing website in order to discover indexing problems and optimization opportunities for the current rankings. For this purpose, the website is examined for various search engine relevant aspects. This includes internal and external links, technical performance and the quality of the content.

    Why an SEO audit is so important for online presence

    Website not ranking? There is hardly any traffic? Something doesn’t seem quite right, but you just can’t pinpoint the affected area? At this point, a professional SEO audit, also known as “SEO Analysis” or “SEO Check”, can help. During an SEO audit, a website is put through its paces.

    The view of the website for users is only one part of a website. Search engines such as Google, Bing or YouTube capture websites differently than people see them. The comprehensive 360 degree screening is therefore the best step for a sustainable SEO strategy.

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    SEO audit with WEVENTURE

    The WEVENTURE SEO audit serves as an illustration of what is already working well on the website and where there is still room for improvement. For this, one of our trained SEO managers deals exclusively with the website for several days. Depending on the size of the website, our experts will create a document with up to 60 pages or more. The SEO analysis is divided into different areas.

    Elements of the SEO Audit

    Technical SEO

    The screening of the technical aspects is very important at WEVENTURE. Websites can gain an edge over competitors with good technical performance. For this we analyze in depth aspects such as indexing, pagination, linking, meta data, structured data, error pages, loading times and much more. We check sitemaps and robots.txt files so that they are best prepared for crawlers.

    Content analysis

    Content is king. Everyone has probably heard this saying before. We at WEVENTURE are the persuasive: Quality content is king. That is why every audit also includes checking for content that is rich in content and keyword-optimized. We check the correct labeling of heading structures, the correct implementation of images and links and evaluate usability and conversion rates.

    Offpage analysis

    In order to guarantee a comprehensive view of your website, we analyze the backlink profile of the site. Backlinks are links from external domains to your own domain. The quality is more important than the number. That is why we use the toxic rating to check which links support the website and which ones harm it. In addition, we show opportunities for natural backlink growth.

    The first step in a website audit is to aggregate data from various tools. The real added value, however, is the evaluation and interpretation of the data and trends. For this purpose, our SEO managers work with various applications such as Screaming Frog, Sistrix, Ahrefs, AWR, the Google Search Console and regularly undergo further training in the relevant areas.

    A tool alone can never replace an SEO audit.

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    Frequently asked questions

    A professional SEO audit usually costs between 2000€ – 3000€, depending on the size of the website.

    You need an SEO audit if you want to identify problems or potentials on your own website. It is the basis for improving your own ranking or increasing traffic on your blog, store, etc.

    An SEO audit is written by a professional SEO manager. All our SEO managers at WEVENTURE have extensive know-how and experience in writing an SEO audit.

    After the successful presentation and question and answer session on the audit, a joint SEO strategy is developed. We formulate the implementation for the first quick wins and define the further course of SEO support together with our partner.

    We recommend creating a comprehensive SEO audit at the beginning of the support. After that, a condensed form of SEO analysis should identify possible new potentials annually.

    Onpage refers to everything that is on the page. Associated with this is the analysis of, for example, content on the page, images and metadata. An offpage audit deals with the analysis of measures from other websites, mostly these are backlink checks.

    3 SEO tips from our expert Bettina Wille

    Bettina Wille - SEO & Webanalytics Teamlead

    1. Write for the users and not for Google

    Humans first – Google Second.

    Your website is for your customers and should be designed accordingly. The Google algorithm is now extremely advanced and notices when texts are written only for search engines

    2. Make sure the page is self-explanatory

    Keep it clean.

    It should be clear at a glance what the page is about. It is extremely confusing and frustrating for both users and Google if it is not clear what added value the page offers. No matter how beautiful the design is.

    3. Always make sure that the site is optimized for mobile application

    Smartphone rules.

    Nowadays, websites are accessed via smartphones. It is therefore extremely important that the website not only looks good on the desktop, but also on the cell phone. The Google crawler always uses the mobile version to evaluate a website.

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