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    What are Instagram Ads?

    Instagram Ads are paid advertisements from companies. The ads are played on Instagram in the feeds, stories and reels of the users. They appear between the user’s subscribed feed and are marked with “sponsored”. You can like, comment, view, save, and share stories, posts, and reels.

    Our Instagram Ads service

    Finding a strategy

    The basis of success is a strategy that suits the customer.

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    • Kick-off meeting to discuss goals and strategy
    • Analysis of your business model
    • Advice on campaign type, target group, placements and Instagram formats
    • Agreement on applicable metrics with realistic goals

    Tracking and campaign set-up

    An excellent campaign set-up and tracking are part of the basis for us.

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    • Setup of the Business Manager
    • Creation of campaigns in Meta Business Manager 
    • Broadcasting of advertising to the right target group
    • Support in setting up the tracking
    • Creation of advertising materials and advertising texts

    Monitoring and optimization

    From the beginning of the support, we continuously check the campaigns.

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    • Continuous monitoring of the campaigns
    • Performance analysis based on the defined KPI’s
    • Regular exchange to discuss figures, data and facts
    • Optimization proposals
    Website design. Developing programming and coding technologies.
    + 1 Instagram ads projects
    + 1 SMA experts
    + 1 years of SMA experience

    Why are Instagram Ads so important for business?

    Instagram Ads have become an integral part of the marketing mix. Through social media ads, companies can reach a large number of people all over the world who don’t follow you. This way they can increase their visibility, promote their product and gain awareness.

    The Instagram ads can be displayed in the Instagram feed, Instagram story and in the user’s explorer. Instagram reels are also played out in the Instagram reel tab. Furthermore, the target group can be redirected to the landing page from the Instagram ad. In this way, Instagram ads can lead to an increase in the conversion rate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Ads

    The Instagram Story Ad should not be longer than 15 seconds. If the length is exceeded, it splits into several stories. Instagram Reels, on the other hand, can be 15 to 30 seconds long.

    Only organic Instagram Stories (i.e. unpaid Stories posted directly to the profile) are no longer visible after 24 hours. The duration of the Story Ad is set in the Meta Campaign Manager.

    500 million people use the Instagram Explore tab every day around the world. This is the area where users can discover new Instagram content from accounts they don’t already follow.

    3 Instagram Ads Tips from our expert Ulrike Wittkopf


    1.) Instagram Ad must convince your target audience

    Die Instagram Ad images/videos should always be meaningful and engaging. Make sure that the Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels get to the point quickly, as well as that the text should not take up more than 20% of the image. The ad text should be short and sweet and include all the important information. The right CTA motivates to act, for example, to buy or register.. 

    2.) Select automatic placement

    Use automatic placement in your meta campaigns for more efficient ad delivery and better results. The meta algorithm knows your target audience and knows exactly where to reach them best. Instagram ads can also be broadcast on Facebook.

    3.) Select the right format

    Instagram Post have a different format than Instagram Reels and Stories. Therefore, the video or image should always be adjusted to the correct format. Nothing is worse than an ad where the image is cut off in the story or the text is not readable properly. It’s best to create your Instagram ad in two different formats (square and portrait).

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