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    Vernetzte Straßen als Symbol für Datenübertragnung von Google Analytics 4

    Google Analytics 4

    Set up GA4 now!

    Switch to GA4 now and replace Universal Analytics

    On July 01, 2023, the time has come: Universal Analytics will no longer collect and store any new data. Six months later, we will also no longer be able to access our previously processed website data. Those who react in time can prevent a major data loss and ensure their competitiveness.

    It’s time to switch to Google Analytics 4!


    We support you and take over the set-up

    Google Tag Manager

    Graph, der ansteigt

    We recommend to integrate Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager on the website. If this has not yet been created, we will do the basic setup.. 

    Set up property


    We create the property for GA4. We also set it up according to the previous Universal Analytics property or translate the previous setup to the possibilities of GA4.

    Events and target plans

    Laptop mit Graphen von Google Analytics

    We transfer the events and target events used in the previous analytics and prepare everything for comprehensive and correct data analysis.

    E-commerce tracking

    We customize e-commerce tracking for GA4 or set it up fundamentally for online shops.

    Why switch to Google Analytics 4 now?

    Nor more data as of 2023

    Universal Analytics will no longer collect data as of July 2023, and by the end of the year users will no longer have access to the data previously collected via Analytics. Those who use Google Analytics 360 have a little more time: Here, data will still be collected until July 2024. Since the historical data from Universal Analytics cannot be transferred to the Google Analytics 4 property, it is about time to set up the new Analytics for your own website.

    Focus on people rather than sessions

    In addition, Google Analytics 4 collects data somewhat differently than Universal Analytics. GA4 is no longer session-based, but focuses on website visitors. Due to this and other changes in the measurement values, the data cannot be easily compared even when exporting the historical data to a BI system.

    Our GA4 experts!

    Bettina Wille
    Bettina Wille Director Operations

    Bettina is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! About the keynote speaker

    Matti Hintz
    Matti Hintz Teamlead SEA

    Corinna Vorreiter
    Corinna Vorreiter Head of Organic

    Corinna is a keynote speaker and can be booked for your upcoming digital event! About the keynote speaker

    Further advantages of Google Analytics 4

    <h3>1.) Optimize tracking</h3>

    1.) Optimize tracking

    Moving to GA4 is an opportunity to take another critical look at your current tracking and optimize it if necessary.

    <h3>2.) Consent Mode</h3>

    2.) Consent Mode

    You can use the GA4-exclusive “Consent Mode” to model conversions even for those users who have not actually given you tracking consent.

    <h3>3.) Customized reports</h3>

    3.) Customized reports

    You can have reports built that pay attention only to your requirements and issues. These include: Funnel analyses, path analyses, segment overlaps, cohort analyses, scatter plots and pivot tables.

    More input on how to use GA4 successfully? Gladly!

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    Don’t want to loose any data?
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