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    5 reasons to change agencies

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    WEVENTURE 10/07/20

    Thinking about switching your performance marketing agency?
    We’ve summarized five reasons to switch your Google Ads, social media or SEO agency.

    Changing agencies is sometimes not an easy decision. After working together for a long time, you usually get used to processes, workflows and, above all, your own contact persons. But even if the change initially means extra work – in the long run, the decision can pay off significantly. The following five reasons can be clear signs that switching to a new agency will pay off.

    #1 – Weak communication

    Regular coordination with your agency is essential for successful collaboration. Jour fixe” meetings, which take place once a week or every two weeks, help here. Your agency should meet you at eye level: complex issues should not be made even more complex, but should be presented in a way that is easy to understand. You should understand what is going on at all times. One of the most important points of transparent communication is proper reporting. The right key figures and a regular target/actual comparison should be part of the daily routine. A good agency automates reports nowadays instead of creating them manually, because in the end you also pay for those hours and that doesn’t have to be.

    #2 – Unstructured work

    Order is half the battle – I’m sure everyone has heard this saying before. Structure and order should not only prevail in your advertising accounts, both should run like a red thread through the cooperation with your agency. Is your contact person unstructured or communicates with Excel and e-mail deserts? This should not be the case, because it costs you and the agency valuable time that would be better invested in campaign strategy and optimization. A good agency lives structures and arranges the cooperation with the help of reportings, so that you have a clear overview of your performance at any time.

    #3 – Your campaign goals are not achieved

    You’ve been working with the same agency for years and are reluctant to change because workflows and contacts have become well established? That’s absolutely understandable. But if performance leaves a lot to be desired, it’s still time to think about a change. You’ve been treading water for months and regularly fail to meet your campaign goals? Your agency is failing to translate your business goals into appropriate ROAS, revenue or lead targets? Your contacts aren’t proactively offering conversion tracking or optimization suggestions? Then it could be that your agency has become operationally blind or has not evolved to match your own goals.

    #4 – Binding by contract terms instead of performance

    Generation Netflix is used to being able to “switch on” and “switch off” everything from one day to the next. Unfortunately, this does not fit at all with the traditional contract model of agencies: In online marketing, contracts of 12 or 24 months are common. However, the contractual commitment is often defined only by duration and not by performance. Basically, a sensible contract agreement should also focus on the performance of your agency. We recommend a term of three to six months, which includes a performance-based component.

    #5 – Your agency is a service provider but not a co-entrepreneur

    When you chose your agency, you still talked to the CEO and there was an open exchange about the common goals. After a few years, however, you are now just a number among many, and the further development of your goals is no longer taken into account in the agency’s measures. This is also a clear reason for a change: You should always have the feeling that you are also understood from an entrepreneurial point of view. Your contact person must fully understand your business model. But if your agency increasingly hides behind the agreed daily rates and time accounts and no longer goes the extra mile, you have found a 1-a service provider, but not a co-entrepreneur. Whether it’s with management or your point of contact, reflecting on shared business goals should be at the forefront of any collaboration with your agency. Follow up quarterly on your performance-based agreements and critically evaluate the results with your agency.

    At WEVENTURE, we always communicate at eye level and act in line with your individual business goals. We are true co-entrepreneurs and not just service providers. We record our performance-based agreements in a joint business case on a quarterly basis. Looking for a co-entrepreneur?

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