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    What are LinkedIn Ads?

    LinkedIn Ads are paid advertisements placed on LinkedIn. With the help of LinkedIn Ads, companies of all sizes can target the right people for their purposes. Possible goals of LinkedIn Ads include brand awareness, website visits, lead generation and conversions.

    Our LinkedIn Ads service

    Finding a strategy

    The channel strategy forms the basis for a successful implementation of LinkedIn Ads.

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    • Definition of target KPIs
    • Definition of target group
    • Weighting of the marketing funnel
    • Creation of a budget forecast.

    Tracking and campaign set-up

    An excellent campaign set-up and tracking are part of the basis for us.

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    • Setting up tracking
    • Campaign plan
    • Implement campaigns including ad sets, ad media and ad texts in the campaign manager
    • Display image optimization

    Supervision, evaluation & optimization

    From the beginning of the support, we continuously check the campaigns.

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    • Continuous monitoring of the campaigns
    • Regular consultations
    • Based on the performance of the ads, optimization proposals follow

    LinkedIn Ads and their relevance as an online marketing strategy

    LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world. Therefore, LinkedIn Ads, especially in B2B, are one of the best ways to advertise efficiently in online marketing.

    Regardless of whether new talents, customers or business partners are to be addressed: There is hardly any other social network where B2B marketing can be carried out with such low wastage. LinkedIn advertising not only offers specific targeting options, but also the possibility to advertise with a strong conversion orientation.

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    Our Social Media Ads success story

    We share our experiences in our case studies. For Zalando we were able to design a successful lead generation with LinkedIn Ads.

    Kundin mit Zalando Giftcard
    Zalando Lead generation via LinkedIn Ads
    Modell mit Maison Heroin Handtasche
    Maison Hēroïne Use story ads successfully
    Kundin isst nu3 Erdnussbutter
    nu3 The perfect optimization cycle for Facebook ads
    SHYNE Labs Facebook ads test structure

    Frequently asked questions

    The following ad formats are offered by LinkedIn: Conversation Ads, Message Ads, Video Ads, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads and Carousel Ads.

    Depending on the campaign goal and target group, the prices for LinkedIn Ads vary, which is why the exact costs are difficult to define. At the beginning of an ad campaign, a bid is submitted. This bid competes in an auction against the bids of competitors who want to reach the same target group. Accordingly, the attractiveness of the target group determines the level of the bid.

    The LinkedIn Insight tag is a piece of code that needs to be integrated into the website and allows to optimize campaigns, retarget website visitors and learn more about the target audience.

    3 LinkedIn Ads tips from our expert Annika Minhorst


    1. Test different formats against each other

    The formats offered by LinkedIn work differently well in the individual funnel steps. Therefore, the different formats should be tested against each other to achieve maximum learning success.

    2. Get detailed insights into the performance of your campaigns with demographic data

    If you have enough data, you can learn more about the members who clicked on an ad and became leads (such as their job title, career level, and industry) in the Demographics tab in Campaign Manager. This information helps you choose content, target audience, and testing phase.

    3. Perform monitoring and optimization

    Once the campaign has been set up, it is important to continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns in order to achieve long-term results. Optimizations include adjusting targeting, bids, budgets, and most importantly, lots of A/B testing.

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